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I offer a mobile Caterham set up service using the experience I have learnt from setting my own car up. I began by using a simple system of eight bathroom scales (yes, really!) whilst I now use professional digital load cells purpose built for weighing cars. In addition I set my own cars up for front and rear toe and camber.

Caterham owners have all reported positive results following my work, a couple of quotes as follows -

‘Just got home, car drives like a dream! Handling sorted, thanks for all your help’ Andrew, Nov 2012

Ride height raised (car had previously smashed sump on a cats eye), rake increased and flat floor set up.


‘The worst handling Caterham I have ever driven!’ Well known instructor at Castle Combe 2010 when driving an SV160 which had been bought from Caterham. We changed the wheel and tyre size and flat floor set up. Re-driven by the same instructor ‘Much improved handling, a different car’ Spring 2011


Before beginning work on your car I will find out what sort of driving you do, whether alone, two up, track work, touring and if your driving needs kerb or speed hump type of ride height and adapt the set up to suit.

On the day I carry out the following -

-Adjust tyre pressures, to make the rest of the set up correct.
-Adjust ride heights and rake to suit with you sat in the car (this takes the bulk of the set up time). Requires adjustable spring platforms.


-Flat floor fine tuning with scales (Rebco digital accurate to 500grams)
-Camber measurement
-E-mailed spreadsheet with before and after modifications so anything can be checked, altered or even reversed if required


-Camber adjustment
-Tracking measurement and adjustment (laser)
-Pedal position checking and modifying


-Test drive, although in my experience every Seven drives differently and each driver has their own set up preference. On track driving is the best way of finding out the quirks and characteristics of each car. I can certainly give you some observations from a drive on the road.