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2002 Renaultsport Clio 172 owned 2005 - 2006


Brilliant handling for fwd
Cheap to run
Good levels of equipment
Poor driving position
Image was not always to my liking
Didn't give me that wow factor of ownership


This was my sensible choice after owning the sometimes pricey to run Fiat Coupe. I had intended to own this for just six months, but kept it 18 months and over 30,000 miles. Much better car than I was expecting, although it didn't give me the same levels of pleasure in ownership as the Fiats. The track handling was brilliant, in fact in the wet it was one of the faster cars on many trackdays. It had controllable lift off oversteer, which got around the understeer frustration of other fwd cars. It was generally reliable, although by 50,000 miles old I was anticipating some bills such as engine mounts, belts and clutch, so sold it before needing these. Induction kit, polished and ported inlet manifold and http://www.k-tecracing.com/ exhaust gave a pleasing rasp (not too loud) and the group N ECU increased the power a little too. Lowered slightly on Eibach springs with camber bolts did help keep the car flatter in corners and reduced the tendancy to cock an inside wheel.



In 2006 I sprinted in just one round of the SELOC sprint series where I scored a second place in class D.




Many of the 30,000 miles I covered were done whilst chasing other cars on track as part of my old business www.fastfilms.co.uk, and in this role it was good, being civilised on long journeys to Spa or the Ring and having creature comforts such as climate control, leather and Xenon lights.

It was with a little regret I sold the Clio, but fancied a change as much as anything.