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1998 Mazda MX5 1.8 Sport mk2 owned 2004


Rwd fun
Faultless reliability (in 6 months of ownership)
Top down makes even short journeys more interesting
Seats were too short for my height
Limited headroom with hood up
Bland engine note
Very common



Bought in the spring and sold by the autumn for the same money I paid for it! I fancied a rear wheel drive convertible, and whilst the Fiat Coupe was off the road with an engine replacement (!) I snapped this one up. I deliberately chose an import as the MX5 mk2s are near identical to the UK models, but with the benefit of having air con, a limited slip differential and close ratio 6 speed gearbox.



I drove it on two trackdays, and covered almost 10,000 miles in six months, most of which the roof was down (even at night)! I sold the Mazda for the same money I bought it for.