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1997 Fiat Coupe 20VT (no.2) owned 2005-2006


See comments below on other Fiat Coupe
This example was not in great condition


Having sold the blue Coupe for the Clio, I had major withdrawal symptoms, so bought this Fiat Coupe 20VT from Northern Ireland. Owned by a gentleman called Geoff, it is a car I knew from videos online since 2003. It was regularly sprinted and indeed was a championship winner. Sadly it hadn't been as well cared for cosmetically as my first Coupe nor was it as powerful, and I didn't fall in love with it. The dampers and springs were very hard and the car had a few knocks and rattles. Six months later it was sold, and I didn't miss it greatly. I did sprint it once at North Weald, where it performed well, with the exhaust note gaining it a few fans who asked what on earth was under the bonnet!