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2001 Toyota Celica TRD Sports M owned 2011 to 2013

Screaming engine
Rare - only 1200 made
Surprisingly good at towing
Practical hatchback with seats which go flat

Noisy at motorway cruising speed
Blue interior is quite bright
Front wheel drive
Standard brakes lack power on track
Superstrut suspension pricey to replace




Bought as a fun but sensible road car and maybe track car in the wet, with Beth in mind. It may have to be used for towing duties on occasion which was not really what it's makers had in mind. The TRD Celica (Toyota Racing Developments) was a special edition made for the Japanese market. Only 1200 were made, they are based on a 190 or T sport, to which Toyota further improved the performance through stiffening the shell, dampers, springs and ARBs, plus a little engine and ECU work. Power is quoted at either 200 or 210 BHP, which is pretty good considering it's 1800cc engine size. It is a noticeably improved car over the Celica 190 I owned years ago.

Featured in August 2013 on the Pistonheads website - here

Just days later the previous owner got in touch having read the article and wanted to buy our car back, so a deal was agreed and the Celica was sold.