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2001 BMW 330d owned 2009 to 2010

Superb tow car
Strong engine
Fuel efficient
Sounds very good for a diesel
A bit boring somehow
Needs a limited slip diff
Parts are expensive


A car I shared with my girlfriend Beth, bought as a tow car for the Caterham. We were intending to buy either a Fiat Coupe again or a Celica 190 (again!) as both would tow the Caterham, however driving the BMW really impressed us.

It is a great car for long distance towing, the cruise control happily towing the trailer and Seven at 60mph up and down any hill in top gear. We have driven it on track at North Weald, where it was better than we thought for a heavy car. It spins up the inside wheel, but will get the back out with enough right foot. The traction and stability control has to be turned off though, or you get no fun. It's not a car that makes me want to drive quickly, but it serves it's intended purpose. We sold the 330D in late 2010 in readiness for a VW Caravelle which we bought for our summer holiday and then sold on.