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About Me

I have always been interested in cars (as most men are!), starting from an early age thanks to my Fathers interest in cars and motorsport. Born in Berkshire, I grew up in Norfolk, mostly in Wymondham and surrounding villages, living just a few miles from Hethel, the base of Lotus.


I got used to seeing Esprits, Excels and Elans in the 80s and 90s being driven around from the factory, so have always particularly liked Lotus and their principles. My Father (Treve) used to take myself and my sister Angela to watch racing at Snetterton, including BTCC and the then well known Willhire 24 hour racing. This gave me an early taste of the fun and competativeness in motor sport, we would often view the Russell chicane and wait for overtakes and accidents!

Sadly my Father was very protective of his cars (he wouldn't even let me wash them!), but he would often explain their workings in detail, even if I couldn't sit in the drivers seat! I made do with Scalextric and then racing radio controlled cars. It's interesting how these toys and models give you knowledge that can be used with full sized cars, particularly the RC cars.
After passing my test at 17 I was lucky enough to drive a neighbours BMW 635CSi, which felt very rapid after learning in Vauxhall Corsas! I studied at Brooksby College in Leicestershire for two years where I completed my National Diploma in Fisheries Studies, along with the award for Best Student. This and my subsequent business of 8 years 'Aqua Life Leasing' accounts for my forum nickname of Fishy Dave.
Whilst a student, there was no way I could have afforded to run a car, so was happy enough with my mountain bike (which I later raced for a few years) and driving tractors at the agricultural college. The odd Karting evening showed that not owning a car wasn't a handicap.
Moving to Somerset for a job in 1999 allowed me to buy my first car - a Fiat Uno. I set up an aquarium design and services business called Aqua Life Leasing and at the same time I worked as a Team Trainer for the Virgin Mobile call centre, for five years.



I set up my second business http://www.fastfilms.co.uk in 2005, from scratch.



Fast Films grew rapidly, and became a great way of driving on track to film clients, the best known of which being McLaren F1 and then world champion Fernando Alonso. 


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By late 2007 I had many changes in my life, and sold both businesses, starting afresh working for a Toyota dealership.


From 2003 onwards I have been involved in a number of car clubs and forums, which introduced me to car filming, touring, trackdays, sprinting and finally racing. I continue to learn racecraft and driving skills, and now enjoy passing these on to others, it even helps me sell cars! My wife Beth is thankfully very keen on my passion for cars, and has now driven at a good few trackdays herself, getting faster and more controlled each time. One year she may even race herself. I passed my motorbike test in 2007 and owned a Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat for two years, commuting to work in all weathers, before selling up in 2009.


It gives me great pleasure to have my family and friends along for support, even managing to get my Father to drive at two track days (never his own cars though!). My step father, Simon, also took his MX5 on track at Bedford, although never again after the bills for repairs (which I still say were co-incidental.....).
Budget is the biggest barrier I have to progressing in racing, but have found that only driving certain rounds does help keep the costs down. In February 2012 I qualified as an ARDS race instructor at Brands Hatch, and hold my first instructor licence - a provisional C grade.

In 2013 I began a new career working for www.classicsportscarclub.co.uk as Motorsport Administrator.