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1985 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera owned 2013 to 2014

Air-cooled flat 6 noise
Best seats of any car I've owned
A driving challenge on track
Character, the way it makes you feel and the way it seems to please others
Appreciating in price
Relatively primitive, it is 30 years old after all
No limited slip differential
Limited head room for my height
Rust and more rust


A car that I have often admired and desired, and one of my favourite poster and calendar cars from my childhood. I very nearly bought a guards red Scalextric 911 (but actually bought an Escort mk3 with working lights, no taste!). After 6 1/2 years with the Caterham, and an absence from racing for nearly two years I felt that a change was needed, I just couldn't see me racing my own car for another two years.

Whilst I considered an Elise, Exige, Esprit and more modern 911 (996), my heart kept returning to an aircooled 911 SC, 3.2 Carrera or 964. The usual advice when buying these cars is to buy the best example, so as to avoid big reconditioning bills. My budget would only run to the money raised from the sale of the Caterham. This resulted in my looking at 911s at the lower end of the price range, knowing it will need work, but having some money to make changes and improvements. I do like the colour Guards Red, and would also have been happy with most other colours except green or black. Having considered or missed out on a few 911s I saw a red 3.2 Carrera for sale on http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/ , but it had been advertised for three weeks already.


 Thankfully this particular website is not as widely viewed as Pistonheads and it was still for sale. The previous long term owner was sadly selling the 911 due to long term ill health, and it was clear that the car hadn't had attention or been driven for some time. It was a difficult decision to buy having spent some hours viewing and driving the car, and listing all of the areas that needed attention vs. the positives such as a recent full engine rebuild and very good condition interior and wheels.



Rather than pretending I have bought a perfect car I accept that it is a project that will require time and money to bring it to a better cosmetic standard, and one that will be fun and reliable on roads and trackdays. At this stage I don't intend to convert the 911 to a racecar, instead I will be looking for a dedicated race car in the future.  


After a considerable amount of work, the structure of the car was made sound, leaving the gearbox, sills, rubbers, re-spray and more left to complete. The lure of racing was too strong however and the thought of investing 10,000+ over the coming years at the expense of track driving/racing made me put the car up for sale. A very difficult decision as the way prices are rising all the time I knew that it would be very unlikely I would ever own an air cooled 911 Coupe again. Still, I made some profit, owned and tracked a classic and on to the next car.